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As the deer pants for flowing waters, so pants my soul for you, O God - Psalm 421 (1).png

CornerStone as a 'Businesstry'

Where vocation intersects with ministry. That was an odd concept introduced to me during reflection. But it makes so much sense. 

God has put a calling and purpose in every persons life. Some discover it early, some later. Some not ever, sadly.

Pastors, biblical teachers, ministers , missionaries and so many other roles where Christ is taught in various ways - all are called to share with others of Gods' goodness and His truth. To share of their experiences as testimonies and to be shepherds to lead and guide Gods people on the narrow road with Christ. These roles are also their vocation. 

Does God call all to be in a ministerial vocation? Not at all. But He does call us all to speak of our hope in Him, using the gifts  and talents He has given us and dedicating our time to it.

God has been calling me for years to step out. But fear has crippled me. Fear of making a mistake. Fear that I didn't hear Him correctly. But finally... I let go and chose to trust him...




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