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A heart set on fire

I've been reminded lately about things that set my soul on fire. Things that are deeply woven into the fabric of my being. Things that can get put aside in the busyness of life.

It’s so easy to get lulled onto a path in life that has a specific destination or provides a sense of safety in a routine. …provides a feeling of being in control.

There is really not anything in this life that is safe and secure, or that we have full control over. On the other hand, a life that is entrusted to the creator, now that’s where the adventure begins!

A journey into the unknown where we joyfully discover our intricate design for our days in this life. Letting go of what we know to grasp firmly to what He knows, takes faith...

... a faith that rises over fear. A faith that stops trying to figure it all out and allows the true path to unfold, even if just one step, one glimpse at a time. A faith that says Go…to a place I will show you, as soon as you start walking. A place that is not necessarily a physical place but quite possibly a mindset place.

There is an odd feeling of freedom in trusting God. It’s a place of surreal peace. Of seeing what was right in front of you all along.

How cool is it to truly know that the creator of all things knows every tiny minuscule detail of our life and our life’s journey?

A journey He can’t wait to unfold before our eyes if only we would let go of what ‘we’ know, for what He knows.

“And God said to Abram, “Go out from your land and from your relatives, and from the house of your father, to the land that I will show you.” - Genesis 12:1

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