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A little about Michele's background...


Michele holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral Science and Certifications in Leadership, Project Management, & Coaching. She also is a Certified D.I.S.C. Personality and Behavior Consultant and Certified Trauma Therapist.


She is an Amazon bestseller and author of "Confessions of a Feel Good Addict: How to escape the pitfalls of the comfort zone and live a life on purpose".  (A God Inspired work). Find more about the book here.


Her passion for excellence keeps her always seeking best practices in both her personal and professional life and to not settle for 'good enough' but for Gods' best in her life.


She has loved God's Word for over 40 years, studying under biblical pastors such as Wayne Taylor, Kay Arthur, David Platt, Tony Evans and Francis Chan.


Michele lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in Washington State with her husband and their furry family made up of a German Shepherd and Lab and two precocious felines.


She enjoys anything outdoors and satisfying her tenacious appetite for personal and spiritual excellence by always growing her faith, renewing her mind and taking care of her health.

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My Story

In May of 1980, God got a hold of me.


I was rebellious, head strong and had a deeply broken spirit. Emotional and physical abuse changed how I viewed myself and saw the world. I fought most of the next 30 years feeling that I had to somehow perform to be accepted and loved.


Wow, was I wrong.

It wasn’t until 3 years after meeting Jesus when I had a severe dissociative and traumatic emotional breakdown, that my real healing began. After 14 years struggling with undiagnosed anxiety disorder that turned to agoraphobia, I finally cried out in desperation. It was then that I first, really truly began to know how very much God loved me.


My relationship with Jesus has taken some interesting turns, twists, ups and downs over the years and He has asked me to step out in what seems like insane acts of faith. But, He has always been my safety net no matter what. Proven to be faithful time and time again. Even when I least expected it.


The consistent love of Jesus has taken me to heights I never imagined. It is also what has inspired me to reflect.  To reflect and testify if you will, of my journey with God, the adventures along the way and the struggles to make sense of life with and through Christ.

Sometimes I have words for what I am experiencing, and sometimes images capture what I see with my soul. Being authentically who God created me to be is hard in a world made up of pressures to be fake to fit in.

The contents of this website is just me being me... authentically. To speak or share what God puts on my heart. Not always for me. To speak truth, compassion, encouragement and offer opportunities for everyone (myself included) to keep walking and fighting the good fight of life following Jesus.  


It's hard to stay present, not only with God, but with myself and with others in a culture that is constantly putting pressure to conform to ever changing values.  It is my hope that the reflections you read from my personal times of walking with Christ, and the content on these pages will be a respite from the busyness of life for you and encourage you to pause for your own reflections and discover ways to grow closer with our creator. But mostly, it is my hearts desire that the content will sweeten and deepen your time with Jesus.


He loves you so much.


Have something to share? Feel free to reach out. I look forward to it!

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