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The Full Story

The Cornerstone Faith Works Businesstry

For seven years God has been working on me. Nudging, pressing, revealing His call to me. But I have ran from it. At times I felt like Jonah, retreating to a big fish to avoid what I knew I was meant and created to do.

When I finally surrendered I felt so frightened. I had no clue what was next.
Or what it looked like.  


Then He showed me He has been preparing me for it for over 30 years. 


It's not an easy transition from trusting in our own self sufficiency and success in the working world to total and utter dependance on God, not only for day to day direction but for economic sustenance.
Now that part is really scary! Then I remembered...

"Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for,
the conviction of things not seen."
- Hebrews 11:1

In 2016, I took my rescue dog Cody to the beach for the first time. He was about five years old and had never been to the beach. In fact, he had not seen much. He came to me anxious, afraid of his own shadow and an inability to play. Everything scared him. One early morning before any one was out, I took a risk and let him off the leash. I didn't know if he would run off, come back if I called or just do nothing. 

Much to my surprise he trotted a little way ahead, then stopped and looked back. Then ran back to me. Then he ran a little further ahead and repeated the same thing. As if to say, are you still there? The more he explored, the more he trusted. 


The picture below really moved me. I looked at him as he looked out at the vast Pacific Ocean and for a moment I thought he must be thinking, "wow, the world is so big".

In that moment it struck me that there is so much more than we see in front of us. So much more that God wants to show us if we just take a few steps, then a few more. No matter how many times we look back, He will always be there. 



Cornerstone Faith Works is about sharing Gods truth, His heart and His hope to others. The intention is to help others truly be in pursuit of God with all their heart, mind and soul.

Whether it is being inspired from a writing on a blog, through group coaching or from a course that guides, the focus will always be the same. This businesstry is to be an instrument for those who want to grow and be a passionate person after Gods own heart.


The vision is to be a mouthpiece. The great thing about God, is where He takes us is always a journey, and more times than not, a journey into the unknown.

The vision is to simply share what He puts on my heart. He is the Author and the Architect.  

Whether it be by written or spoken words or even by images, He will do the rest to those He calls to read, see or hear.

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