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Life isn't linear

Life isn’t linear. There are lots of curves and ups and downs. But through it all, we can find strength to weather anything we may face.

I was recently leaving a campground when I saw a deer on the road, hit by car. It was struggling with its last breaths.

The woman who hit the deer was grappling with the sight as well as the damage to her car. In an instant her commute to work and day was drastically altered.

For me, ten miles down the road I heard a grinding sound vibrating in my motorhome. At first I thought it was the pots and pans in the drawer but turned out my entire exhaust pipe came undone from the muffler.

I was amazed it didn't rip off as I drove 60 miles per hour on the highway. After a little McGuyver-ing with a bungee, I was able to secure up enough to a, thankfully, nearby Midas Muffler shop. Two hours later I was back on the road.

A few years ago during another camping trip, on my last day, I experienced a smash and grab. Stealing my purse and everything in it. Stranded in Oregon with no money and millions of thoughts going through my mind of what just happened.

It took me a few years to go camping again. So this recent experience jarred me a bit. But I kept remembering how the Lord got me through that time, and how He was right with me for this experience.

The truth is, we can grow and get stronger in our responses, or we can shrink in despair.

I know many are facing inconceivable hardship and challenges. It’s hard to sit in the midst of them. But we are stronger than we think.

We need only to put our trust in the One who sustains us. It is through trials that we develop our faith, strength and perseverance.

Hold on. God has got you

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